Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend Report + Recording Notes (part III of N)

Everything seems back into alignment right now. My body got re-conditioned to the normal daily basis and i'm feeling back in "shape".
Remember that Java gig i was talking about? I decided to take it cause it's a very temptating offer. I ain't going to earn loads of money on this , but it will be a great opportunity to learn J2EE based platforms/applications. The location is also great : Paulista avenue. I love it!
This week i'll perform the procedures to quit my actual job , so i can sign the new contract properly.

Last Saturday , i reunited with Lennon and Moe to discuss our covers band planning. Met Joe and Vikk right after it to eat a tasty fried pizza. We talked alot and had a great time. Last time i saw Joe was at the "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" day.

Yesterday , i stepped into the studio to record a couple of tracks of an instrument that i never played before : Mandolin.
Geez , what a difficult little thing to play! I've done some melodic lines with it. The song is named "Estrela da Manha" (Morning Star)
I dunno if these tracks will be part of the final mix.. It's a matter of how cool the mandolin lines will sound with the other instruments.

More news are coming..
Hugs 4 all


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