Thursday, August 11, 2005

Back on the College Track Again

Well.. everything returned to their normal state. Hardcore classes until 12:30 , running like a motherfucker to catch a bus that crosses the town , dealing with some crosstown traffic at the rush hour , etc.
This semester i got some nice classes , but a few "sleeping management" ones like always.
Object Oriented System Analisys , Information Engeneering II and Introduction to Compilers are the "cool dudes" for now.

This week is being more than introductory! Most teachers are performing a kickin ass start , with projects and stuff... but it seems fine to me.
I just relax by now.... heavy duty stuff is about to come...

Oh.. my ex-Java teacher offered me a trainee job with java programming & design! This looks great cause Java is freakin fun for me! I sent him my "Resume"... If it's a good gig for me , i hope i can get it... otherwise step off!

Damn! I'm Enjoying some great Video Game soundtrack right now!!! Nobuo Uematsu kicks Ass³³³³²¹¹¹²²³. He's doing some wonderful stuff with "The Black Mages"...
Right now i'm listening the Theme from Final Fantasy 6's final battle with Kefka!
Just remembered that i need to finish it again!! All i gotta do is build my fighters's skills to kick Kefka again. I'm gonna bomb that SOB with all Ultimas and Meltons i got!!


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