Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Restarted my Computer Graphics study... I wanna have the chance to do at least one silly game!
Actually i'm using the AC3D for Modelling and the OpenGl for programming... it's a good match , cause it's hard to program 3d graphics without a "concrete" model.
It's difficult to me to have a 3D abstraction inside my head... so modelling first is a nice way to drown your brain inside the R³ space ....hehe
I'm using the OpenGL Programming Guide (also known as the "Red Book") alongside with the NeHe's OpenGl Tutorial (pretty famous for providing a very efficient way to introduce the API in a very clear way to Average Programmers).

I'm also reading the amazing Masters of Doom by David Kushner , which tell the paths that John Romero and John Carmack walked before and after the iD Software founding.
These two guys are my idols, cause they revolutioned the concept of computer gaming.

It's inspiring to see how everything began...


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