Wednesday, July 13, 2005

College Vacations are always welcome! Mine started 2 and 1/2 weeks ago and i'm loving it!

All i gotta do in my daily basis right now is :
- half-time job (morning)
- watch tv , sleep and play old games in the computer/videogame (afternoon)

When you don't have one of these hot videogames of the moment( PS2 , Xbox) neither a hot GPU like the NVidia Geforce 7800 , the only way to chill out is having fun with the great old-systems emulators avaiable around the net.

By the way , those dudes done a great job writing those programs! You gotta be a professional bit-fiddler to write them! I wish i could be one of these guys :(

Let's take the Zsnes as an example.The core of Zsnes is written in pure i386 assembly (they're porting to C at the moment) and it's scary to imagine the amount of instructions needed for performing the graphics and sound emulation with such perfection.
These two items are only the beggining... There are a lot of other routines needed to make the emulation experience complete : Proper imput handling, network gaming , chip detection, SRAM storage, Psychoacoustic stuff, blah , blah , blah...

All this stuff remembers me that it's been almost a week that i don't even touch my C/C++ sources... Got stuck while trying to write the "Neighbours Counting" algorithm at my Conway's Game of Life simulation in a two-dimensional array...
Just hate to write range checking functions in 2D arrays... but it's needed to avoid that freaking "Memory Violation Fault" or "Memory Segmentation Fault" exceptions...

Nerdy talk isn't it???


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