Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Recording Notes - Part 1 of n

Well , for people that don't know me , i'm the guitar player of Impressao Analógica , a progressive-freak-pop-rock band(damn... i hate labels!) and lately we've been finishing the recording sessions of our first album named "MDB".

Most songs were composed by Lennon and Bia around 1998-2003 while they were working together in a acoustic project prior to the actual band.

I can't wait to see it released because the songs are great!!

Last Sunday i recorded the clean/acoustic guitar parts from "Lilith" and it was all right.
Just 4 hours building interesting chord blocks with Lennon and voilà!
I think i need to study some uncommon chord mounting around the guitar neck... i'm pretty rusted on this!
Oh yeah! Just got paid yesterday and soon i'll burn all my savings in some good guitar stuff...The Line6 POD XT is a strong candidate by now...

That's all for now!


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