Monday, July 11, 2005

Oh yeah.. here i go again!

Well , i forgot the amount of times that i started something like this...
I Think i don't got enough patience to keep any kind of log... Usually , after some time , my mind gets empty and i don't have a single damn word to write.
But the idea of keeping a weblog have been bugging my mind again in the last weeks , so....

Whatever.... i'm creating this blog for me and for the people who wants to know the ramdom reflections of a daydream fueled mind like mine(uff!).

In some posts (maybe most... but only time will tell) i'll write in english. I'll give ya two reasons for that :

1-) An opportunity for foreign visitors to understand the stuff i wrote
2-) An opportunity to exercise my english

So don't expect perfectly written posts!! :P

Welcome visitor!! Feel free to leave any comments


Blogger Saroka said...

Man, now I agree with you!
But, something is missing: women, soccer and beer!

17/4/08 6:12 AM  

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