Saturday, July 30, 2005

Yesterday night , i went to the movies to watch the remake of Charlie and Chocolate Factory... My goodness , what was that??? I felt like all my inner ideas for making the first version (1972) better were used by Tim Burton! Johnny Depp plays Wonka in a divine performance!! Much darker with acid-personality. This version is closer to the original book than the old one... Jush Loved it!

Saturday is rehearsal day... and today was no different! The band is sounding much better now with a second guitar played by Moe. He joined us about one month ago and got the spirit pretty quick! The songs are getting great and i can't wait to play the new HOT SONGZ from our future setlist. It will kick the asses of the entire audience.

Got a new DVD in my collection! Queensrÿche's Operation Livecrime!!! What a band!!! It's the very first record from Queensrÿche that i own , and it's for sure , a state-of-art live show.
The Mindcrime album is played entirely with perfection , with Geoff Tate interpretating the story's main caracter with the feeling of a professional actor.
Wow , and i spent only 30 bucks (Brazil's currency..hehehe) on it!


Anonymous Moe said...


I was talked about at Harry's blog...that's such an honour. We had great time together in that band which I sometimes miss for some reason.



23/11/06 10:47 AM  

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