Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Today , i played alot with programming.... tried to create a GTK+ application in Windows , but had lots of trouble with those DLL's. Gotta find some sort of package that satisfies all the GTK+ dependencies (like Pango , for example).
I know that doing that in linux would be easier... but i dropped linux for a while after it burned all my patience while i was trying to make that PPPoe client work with my ADSL connection.

Linux is a great operational system , but configuring it can be as delightful as a S&M session.

I liked alot the way that GTK+ is written.... looks like literate programming!
The construction logic goes in a different way compared to Win32

Took some courage and put my hands on that Game Of Life problem too... Changed my mind about coding it using bi-dimensional arrays for two reasons :

  • Violent "growing" restrictions

  • Pain-in-the-ass range checking in every access

I've been reading about a implementation to this problem that uses a kind of Hash table.. Just know the basics about this data structure , so i'm trying to pick a combination of C++ STL containers that would fit in this situation.
If Bjarne Stroustrup recommended to avoid "reinventing the wheel" and to use the Standard library facilities , i think i should consider it , but "decode & decompress" the information in his C++ book requires thinking time of O P log(p) (where p is the number of pages that you've read)... hahhha , i'm not a 100% C/C++ dummie creature for god's sake!.
Sometimes it feels like reading the bible in its Aramaic version!


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