Monday, August 28, 2006

Hands on!

Lately i've been drowning into gameDev pool. The Design stage has just started, and i'm taking notes of almost every insight i got(i need to detail more components, so , i need to get some inspiration playing the game that i'm taking as a model).
We decided not to use the M3G API , and use the basic J2ME lcdui package to handle the core 2D graphics stuff. The class diagram is taking shape....

In parallel , i'm taking the time and having some contact with an excellent 3D Modelling Tool : Maya (which was recently bought by Autodesk for our happiness or sadness...)
Damn , it's so full of resources the you can easily get lost on it. Well , i'm taking some baby steps on it and having the first contact with the tool.
Along with Maya , i'm boosting up m C++ Skills. I never developed something real with it.
To get back into the C++ mood after one year with Java running on my veins, i'm reading Effective C++ from Scott Meyers (it's a great resource for whom had some decent contact with the language..)
It provides some great tips on the essentials of the language , explaining the rationale behind it. Now i'm checking the memory management chapter and i realized what make so much people run from C++ just like vampires from the Holy Cross... Geez , memory handling in C++ can become a very complicated issue... There are lots of mecanisms to do that like: overloading the new and delete operators, implementing constructors and destructors in a balanced manner, handling pointers like a surgeon etc.... In Java everything is so peaceful with the garbage collector thing.
But we must remember, decently written C++ is far more fast and deadly than Java and period.
For us who deal with heavy processing like real time rendering systems , audio and video programming , etc. The need for fast native code makes C++ one of the main tools available.
So get your templates ready and watch out for memory leaks!!


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