Monday, December 19, 2005


Let me take the time and elect the 3 best releases from 2005 :

Queens of the Stone Age -> Lullabies to Paralyze
Hoo boy , these guys always seduced me with their vintage tasted and gutsy hard rock , but this one really impressed me. An album filled with creepy histories, that strange mood that i like so much and some great riffs that will provide you a slight flashback of Tony Iommi's early days. It Rocks Hard!!

Steve Vai -> Real Illusions : Reflections
I'm a suspect to say something about Steve, because i'm a pretty hardcore fan of his work. He keeps delivering the best melodies that a human being can get from it's inner soul. He does what the best musicians in this world can do: Release NEW albums , with different stuff , but still maintaining his personal signature. In other words , changing , but still being the Steve Vai that we love so much

Dream Theater -> Octavarium
No words about this one! Another wonderful album from Dream Theater and defined by me as an another "Transition Album". All DT fans percepted some big changes that were applied to the band's musical direction since some Tracks of "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence".
When Train of Tought was released ,some people (including me) really stranged the heavy and dark property of this record, without the melodic emphasis of older stuff from the band.
For me TOT is a sort of fusion of DT progressive stuff, Metallica with some new metal glimpses.
Octavarium is muuuuch more melodic than TOT , but the heavy factor remains in most of the songs. You can buy it with your eyes closed!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Last saturday i was burning in my private hell , but Sunday i ascended from the ashes! Noticed that i got enought credits to kick compilers out of my way and
watched the BEST concert of my life.
Dream Theater has the magical property to transform any concert house on it's own name. There's no measure unit that can describe the wonderful vibe in Credicard Hall that day.
1st Set:

The Glass Prison (Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence)
Just let me Breathe (Falling into Infinity)

The Mirror/ Lie (Awake) -> "Geez, a shotgun round in the chest!!"

The Answer Lies Within (Octavarium)
These Walls (Octavarium)
Never Enough (Octavarium)

In The Name of God (Train of Thought)
2nd Set :

ENTIRE Scenes from a Memory
Pull Me Tropolis

The scenes of 2005-12-11 will remain in this memory and will be carried by my spirit through eternity... ;)