Saturday, October 29, 2005

Time Gap

Uff.. finally a break! Of course , another time gap happened here (1 month and a 1/2).
But Lately i've been so fucked up with time that i can't pass by and write stuff here. Some good stuff happened since my last post and i'll try to enumerate them here just for the record..
int main(char ** argv , int argc) {

Stack records;


/* Okay here we go... :P */

The Output is :
  • Oct 27 -> Performed the first show with my covers band (recently named Rock Juice) at a cool Irish-styled pub.It was great even being on a bloody Thursday night! It kicked ass and i had lots of fun!

  • Oct 12 -> Went to the "Live'n'Louder" rock festival and watched wonderful bands like Scorpions and Nightwish! Man , i have no words to describe how damn good it was , except for some P.A problems.

  • Oct 3 -> Expomusic day!! For those who don't know , this is the latin america's NAMM. Shit , there were soo much people there... hard to walk , hard to visit stands , lots of musical celebrities walking around with a river of fans behind them , etc.. But i loved it! Just because i had the opportunity to talk personally with Tony Franklin which is one of my top favorite bass players! He autographed my The Firm CD and we talked about Blue Murder (geez , i love this band!!!) , Bass Stuff etc. A wonderful person and musician... haha , i never imagined that he was so funny! Thankx to him , i'm obliged to get myself a bass and start to practice it! (hummm Fretless for sure!)

  • Sept 26 -> Birthday Reunion. Well , my birthday was at September 18th , but i decided to delay the reunion here at my house 'cause all my friends were busy. A few words : Lots of Food and Laughts! OH YEAHH!! Finally i bought my POD xt Live!

  • Sept 9 -> Whitesnake and Judas Priest concert!!! This day rocked alot!! I never imagined to see in this life Tommy Aldridge performing that kickin ass drum solo heard in albums like Randy Rhoads Tribute and Whitesnake - Live at Monsters of Rock 1990 (bootleg). Reb Beach from Winger was playing one of Whitesnake guitars , but i thought that he had a crappy space to show off... Doug Aldrich played most of the guitar solos , but he ain't that interesting (Looked like a Poser version of Zakk Wylde). Judas show was outstanding!!! Man , those guys are hanging around their 50´s and they didn´t lost that metal spirit!! Damn!! Cool Drummer? Scott Travis is a demon!

That's the synthesis from the hot events that happened in this time gap... I have tons of things to plan and in this next holiday i´ll try to organize this stuff... Its been 1 month that i got my POD and i barely touched it! Man , this really pisses me! Should i remember? I Need more $$$$$ :P