Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rails Envy!

I remember about expressing curiosity on Ruby in a post at this blog. It looks an interesting dynamic language which attracted me more than Python (
IMHO Ruby's constructs are sexier , maybe because of it's Lisp/Smalltalk influences).

I was finishing college when i heard about Ruby for the first time. It was during that first boom of Ruby on Rails web development framework. It really interested me back then, feeling "cleaner" than the technology stack i was working with at the time (Java 5 + Struts + Hibernate) with all that Convention over Configuration talk, Active Record pattern for DB operations etc. In the end i never managed to perform experiments with Ruby.

Yesterday i found some ass kickin' videos made by some Ruby fanboys from and i really appreciated their way of spreading the word on RoR : With parodies of those famous Mac vs Pc. It's really worth checkin' out!

RoR vs Java

RoR vs Php

RoR vs .Net

It's cool the way that the Ruby community is still boiling with activity even after that big hype. It's essential for the language/platform to become long-lived.



Blogger Gregg said...

Glad you like the videos, although I typically don't like to be called a FanBoy, but I'll forgive you this time.

31/1/08 8:59 PM  
Blogger Gustavo Barrancos said...

Howdy Gregg! You really keep track of what people are saying about ;)
Oh , when i said Fanboy i didn't mean it on the bad way. Thinking better, i guess Evangelist is a better word.

Really liked the small details from the videos, That JAR representation, including the Hibernate teddy bear made me laugh loud!

1/2/08 4:30 PM  

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